We marched in Annapolis to demand Maryland legislators fix the school funding gap facing our public schools — and THEY LISTENED. In April the General Assembly passed a bill, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, to add $1.1 billion in new funding for improved salaries, staffing, and student programs over the next three years.

Now we need a solution for the long-term. It’s time to update the state funding formula to fully implement the Blueprint over the next decade, keep ramping up resources, and make sure that every school in the state is adequately and equitably funded.

Why do we need these reforms? Across the state, educators, parents, and students are already feeling the impact of the school funding gap — and it’s costly.

  • Maryland teachers make 84 cents on the dollar compared to peers in similar fields with similar levels of education. Right now, half of educators work a second job to make ends meet.
  • 94% of educators buy school supplies for their students out of their own pockets.
  • Career technical education (CTE) can play a key role in preparing students for the jobs of the future and in helping our economy—but far too few schools have modern CTE facilities and programs.
  • The number of students receiving special education services has increased drastically, and special educators are already severely overworked.
  • Our schools simply don’t have enough counselors and psychologists — crucial mental health resources for all of Maryland’s students. Many counselors and psychologists have two or three times the industry-recommended caseloads.
  • When the school funding formula was written, about one in five Maryland students came from backgrounds of poverty. Today it’s nearly half of students. The opportunity gap is growing — we need to create lasting educational equity and a fairer and more prosperous future for all of our students and communities

We need a long-term funding commitment that is sustainable so every student in every neighborhood gets the academic and social support they need.

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